Home Warranty

When you buy a home with us, we will ask the seller to provide a one year home warranty for you. Many sellers realize the advantage of offering a home warranty with the purchase of their home, and many times a home warranty is offered as part of the sale. If a home warranty is not offered, we are usually able to negotiate with the seller to provide one from the company of your choice, and paid for by the seller at closing.

What is a Home Warranty and what does it cover?

For a one-time charge handled at closing, the buyer is protected for one full year after closing against failure due to normal wear and tear of your home's major plumbing, electrical, appliance, and operating systems.

Most companies will provide additional optional coverage for spas and multiple items such as two furnaces or two AC units. Ask about the possibility of additional coverage. 

If something does go wrong with a covered item, a Customer Service department is available 24-hours a day, seven days a week. The warranty company will dispatch a local, authorized service contractor to respond to your needs. The contractor will set an appointment, verify the problem and handle the covered repairs or replacement in a professional manner. The Home Warranty company pays for the warranted repairs, less a small service call fee paid by the homeowner at the time the work is done.

Home Warranty Companies

Landmark Home Warranty
First American Home Buyers Protection
Old Republic