All REALTORS claim to deliver exceptional service,
but few actually do.
As they say, "the proof is in the pudding".

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how thankful we are for you. Very good job getting moms house sold so fast. Great experience selling a home while still grieving our loss. Thanks again Dan!
Dave Mullen

Dan did a very good job. He kept his appointments on time. He did a really good job in getting paper woork done in time for closing. I would certainly use him again if the need arises.
Keith Hall

Hi, I miss your visits - you were great!
Barbara Hall

As first time homebuyers we had no idea what to expect. Luckily we found Dan Walker, which walked us through every step of buying our home. His website made searching for homes very simple and if we had any questions he was very helpful and informative. Dan made buying our first home simple and worked hard to make sure we were happy. He is a very experienced realtor and we will definitely recommend him to our friends and family.
Garrett DeMille & Ashley McTee

I haven't gotten around to a formal thank you yet, but I really wanted to let you know how happy we are at the house. The fence is in and for the first time since we have lived in Utah our four legged kids can run around and I don't have to worry about other dogs or people. I didn't realize what a huge stress it was until I didn't have it anymore. Our yard is so
awesome. We were crazy to think that we could have been happy with anything smaller.The house is beautiful and really comfortable. My dad loves it so much he is hating having to go work on the house in California. Mom is going to really love her area downstairs and I am really excited about that. The neighbors are incredible and I think we will be close friends with our neighbors on the corner.

Thanks again. Talk to you soon.
Bill and Dawn
"Do what you like. Like what you do. " -Life is Good

Dear Future Home Owner.
We were very worried about buying a home. Not only because it was our first, but because the wholeprocess seemed so complicated and difficult. We heard horror stories from people who have bought multiple homes about their agents losing contact, not listening, and trying to get them into a house they couldn't afford.

Then we were referred to Dan Walker, and he made the home buying process completely painless. His website allo\ved us to search for homes that met our specific needs so that we could hand-pick places to look at, and sent us emails about new listings and updates. Dan also made sure our questions about the contracts and deadlines were answered quickly, and he followed through on showing us the houses we were interested in.

We highly recommend working with Dan Walker. He is both very professional and personable, and we will definitely be calling him when we decide to buy again!
Enoch and Kristin Lee 

I decided to start looking into buying my first home at the end of September 2010. After getting pre-qualified with the bank I asked the lenders opinion in where I should begin. I
thought that I would just tackle this whole home purchasing thing by myself. I wasn't really planning on getting a Realtor involved; I'm the type ofperson that thinks I can
figure everything out on my own. After speaking to my lender he strongly suggested getting a Realtor to work with me. He said there is just too much to know on your own no
matter how much research and planning you can do. He gave me the name and number of a couple different Realtors, including Dan Walker. I spoke with Dan that night about
7:30, not expecting him to answer that late in the evening, he did and we discussed the home buying process in short.

He gave me a link to his website that has all ofthe MLS listings with features to mark and save your favorites. The website was put together very well and made it easy for me
to manage the properties I was interested in looking at. Also had a great feature to rate each property and add your own personal notes. I went through many homes and added
them to my favorites. Dan asked me to choose 5-6 properties to look at first. He made a good suggestion to look at no more than 5-6 properties in a day. Too easy to get one
mixed up with another, he was right and I'm glad we took that approach. Sometime in October we started looking at 5 or so properties every weekend. He was
more than willing to work on the weekend and around my 7-4 work schedule. Dan assured me that he is more than qualified to handle any type ofhome purchase including,
HUDS, foreclosures, and short sales. Due to the price range and the instability of the housing market most ofthe homes I was looking at were short sales. He thoroughly
educated me again and again on the home buying process and differences in types of purchases. Speaking to someone that really knows what they are talking about gave me a
very strong sense ofsecurity that we will find the right place.

He advised how short sales can take quite a bit longer to close, depending on the circumstances. The knowledge he displayed in these scenarios after the first couple of
weeks let me know I had the right guy for the job. I would go on the website every couple ofdays during the week and pick some properties I was interested in looking at. On Friday we would talk or email and get a game plan setup for the weekend to look at 5 or 6 properties. Every weekend we would look at the various properties, and I would get Dan's opinion and feedback on the various properties we looked at. Then go home and make notes on the website and give each property a rating. I can't stress how helpful this was for me personally. After two months of looking at 5 houses every weekend, the memory starts to get a little murky. Being able to refer to the website and notes that you personally added it's easier to remember the why, where of what you liked and didn't like.

After putting in many hours with Dan looking at probably 50 - 60 homes I decided to narrow my list down to the properties I was going to put an offer in. The first offer we put in fell through for reasons out ofour hands. We continued to keep on looking, fmally at some point in January we looked at some homes and I decided to put an offer in on one that was an older home but had a lot ofupgrades. The offer was accepted and we started getting the inspection and appraisal process started. It went relatively fast for being a short sale. Dan was on top of it making sure that every party involved was doing their part in a timely manner. He took care of getting my home warranty, and inspection scheduled and taken care of. We ended up closing on the house and get me moved in by the middle of February. Dan arranged to have the locks re-keyed, which he paid for as a way of saying thanks for
being a client. I thought that was really cool, he didn't have to do that. Once the keys were given to me technically he was done. A week after moving in he called just to say
hi, and make sure everything was going good. I couldn't thank him enough for all the information he had given me and all the work he had done over the last few months. I
mentioned that I was considering re-wiring my cable lines and he was nice enough to offer me some cable crimpers so I could install professional grade connectors. With that
being said he has a client for life, anyone I know that's looking into buying or selling a home will definitely hear my story and receive his phone number. I really can't imagine
where I would be with the home buying process or what home I mayor may not be moved into without his help.

In short, Dan has been a phenomenal Realtor and a great person in general to work with. His knowledge in the real estate market and homes in general is unparalleled in my
opinion. I've spoken to many friends and family, describing my experiences in buying my first home, and the interactions I have had with Dan. The response is always the same, can I have his number?
Thanks again Dan! You have been Awesome!
Dan Dempsey

Dear Dan,
We wanted to thank you again for the extended home warranty you gave our kids as a gift for buying their condo. 2 weeks after their regular warranty expired their central air conditioner was damaged and they needed to Iget a new one. Because of the wonderful gift that you gave to them they had to pay only around $150.00 instead of the $1600.00 it would have cost them to pay for it on their own! THANK YOU so much!!! What a thoughtful and very nice thing to do!!! Again, we will recommend you to anyone who is buying or selling a home!!!
Dan and Gaye Biorge

We are very pleased with the results that Dan Walker achieved for us on the sale of our home. Dan goes above and beyond what one expects when listing a property for sale.
His concern for detail, his interest in your home and his expertise at proper staging resulted in our home being sold in only six days at full asking price. He is very interested
in every detail of your home and is ready and willing to answer any questions or concerns that you may have during the sales process. We have bought and sold homes in three
states and Dan is without a doubt the most professional and concerned real estate agent we have dealt with. We would higWy recommend him as a true pro at what he does.
P.S. We also now count Dan as our friend.
Connie & Gary Anderson

When it became time to sell my home I gave Dan a call, with Dan's unique marketing approach my home sold for top dollar within three short weeks. When it was time to look for a new home Dan's coaching and sound advice kept me from making a foolish mistake and purchasing a property that I would later regret. about 60 showings later Dan helped me get into my dream home. Dan is more than a realtor, he is a trusted friend and I will definitely use him to purchase my next home.

Randy Johnson

Dear Dan,

I really like the way you took a personal interest in my property. With all the county related problems associated with the lot, I was surprised you just didn't take the sign down and forget about it. Too bad Salt Lake Coutny makes things so difficult on the little guy. With that in mind, I was very pleased to see how hard you worked to investigate these obstacles and advise me how to deal with them. Your opinions were appreciated. In the end, I believe we jointly made the best decision with the best results. I'm happy as I can be with the reults and I commend you on a fine job you did for me. You more than earned your commission.

On the other hand, I'd like to see you more around the fishing streams with Kirby and my other fishing partners.

Homer Conder

To Whom It May Concern,

My wife and I first met Dan Walker through our daughter and son-in-law while they were selling their home. We were also looking to sell our home also. We had met with other realtors but didn't feel comfortable with them. Our daughter recommended we meet with Dan. That was the beginning of a great relationship. Dan was easy to talk to and has a sense of humor that kept us all at ease. With Dan's professionalism and honesty we knew we were in good hands.

Our home was very old but well kept. Dan gave us advice as what would be necessary to sell it quickly. He also donated his valuable time and talent to help us remodel our laundry room. I don't know of any other realtor who would go that far to help a client.

Buying the new home was another story. Dan had to work extra hard to get us into the new home. There were times when Dan would get very frustrated but always showed his professionalism in handling the details of the sale.

RE/MAX Inc. should be very proud of Dan. His preofessional expertise in Real Estate will be one reason we will highly recommend Dan to all our friends and associates.

We now have a realtor we will always turn to when we need to; we have also made a new friend for LIFE.

Your friends forever,
Stan & Karen Saltas

To Whom It May Concern:

Buying a home is an intricate and complicated process as my wife and I have recently leaned. When we decided to investigate buying our first home we had no previous knowledge of how the process worked, what to look for, and even more importantly what pitfall's to avoid. Like many first-time home buyers this put us in a particularly vulnerable position that easily could have been exploited in the current Utah real-estate market where quick sales by inexperienced agents are often motivated solely by the size of the commission and not the best interest of the home buyer. This is the climate in which Dan Walker shines.

I trust Dan Walker. Any sort of process like home-buying that involves such large sums of capital and serious legal obligations demands an unwavering trust of the panties involved. At the end of the day it's the home buyer's name that will be on the bottom line agreeing forthwith to all terms and responsibilities (understood or not understood) that appear within the bodies of the many legally binding contracts involved in purchasing a home. This being the case it was of great comfort to me to know that Dan knew what he was doing, knew what to have me avoid (ask him about the 10.2 clause often omitted by home flippers), and consistently acted in my best interest through every step of the process. He knew up front that we were very nervous about buying a home and very possibly would decide not to proceed if we could not find a suitable home we could afford, but despite this he gave us his best taking us out to over 20 homes on late nights and weekends for over a month with the understanding that even if we didn't buy now our business was important enough that he wanted us to come back to him and him alone when we were ready. That sort of integrity and commitment (especially to such an uncertain sale) is uncommon. Dan's business doesn't thrive on bolstering commissions, but on providing superior customer service and satisfaction. He is a Christian that truly believes in Jesus and as such holds himself to an ethical standard that makes him an ideal representative to and for the home buyer. And here is the proof.

I have a new home. I love my home. I can afford my home. Praise be to God and thank you Dan.

Andrew Reinkoester

Dear Dan,

When Steve and I first asked us you to help us with the sale of our home and the purchase of a condo, we felt that this could be kind of a complicated deal. Little did we realize that Steve wasn't going to live long enough to see the process through it's completion.

I can't thank you enough for your endless patience in explaining the real estate process and the marketing, legalities, realities, and just plain common sense and honesty that makes up the sale of a home.

Your ability to coordinate with our builder on the one end and the buyers on the other end, and me falling apart in the middle speaks volumes to your knowledge and integrity of you personally and to your profession.

Thank you for helping with repairs before they became issues, thank you for bringing over boxes, lending advice, and always keeping me informed. Thank you most of all for making this happen.

Greta Braithwaite

To whom it may concern:

Dan Walker asked me to write this testimonial letter and I am happy to do so. Dan is an excellent REALTOR and he did a great job for me. I plan to use Dan in the future when the need arises and I would recommend him to anyone in need of an experienced and knowledgeable REALTOR.

Scott B Mitchell, Attorney at Law

We are out of state buyers who found Dan Walker through an Internet search. We read all the testimonials about him and hoped we made the right decision. After talking on the phone and eventually meeting him, we knew we found the right person. He is knowledgeable, hard working, and honest. We never felt pressured or pushed into a decision. Yet Dan did provide guidance and his expertise when we needed it. The service he offered us during and after the process far exceeded our expectations. We would recommend him!

Ramez & Michele Halteh

To whom it may concern,

We recently used the services of Dan Walker to sell our home for us and he did
an excellent job. From the very beginning listing process through the closing. Dan is
very knowledgeable about the real estate market in Salt Lake City.
He also was very helpful with what we had to do to get our house in top shape
such as what color paint to use, what we should paint and other helpful hints to make
our house show as good as possible.
We also used Dan to sell our other home three years ago and he did an excellent
job with that transaction as well, including actually helping us with some minor repairs
we needed.
With Dans' decorating skills and his knowledge of the market we highly recommend
him to help with any and all ones real estate needs.

Larry and Mary Heckenliable

To whom it may concern,

We had a wonderful experience working with Dan Walker in the purchase of a condo for our daughter.

Dan called our home day and inquired if we would be interested in selling our home. NO! But if you could find a Condo for around $100,000 we might be interested. Shortly after Dan called back with a list of potential Condo's available. He showed us one in Midvale that we liked, which was a bank short sale.

Dan helped us with an offer and all the requirements to acquire the Condo unit.

We were pleased with his service in our behalf. He was always on time, available, and informative. All of our needs were met in a timely manner. It was a pleasure to work with him. We found him to be of good nature and personable.

Mr. & Mrs. Burton Butterfield

I first became acquainted with Dan Walker through his website in October 2005. I was impressed with his knowledge and the information he gave forth on his site. So when I was ready to proceed with buying a new home I knew it would be Dan. I was just as impressed with him personally as I was with his website. I was grateful for his knowledge of the industry. I was even more grateful that he was available to answer questions or belay my fears at any time day or night. He never wavered. Although I had a tendency to be very fickle and often changed my mind Dan was very patient and proceeded to show me home after home until we found the right one and I was comfortable. Each time we met he always had a smile on his face and I felt very comfortable just being in his presence.

After all was said and done, all the papers signed, he continued to be helpful. If I had a question or needed assistance in any way he was and is always readily available. His services of kindness, patience and compassion are just as outstanding as his knowledge of the industry. I am very appreciative for all he has done for me, and I highly recommend him to anyone buying or selling a home. I'm confident you will be more than satisfied having Dan as your REALTOR.

Trish Withus

Dear Dan,

Darron and I would like to express our appreciation for the incredible effort you put forth on our behalf in helping us obtain our new home. We had little time to look and find a place for our relocation. In the one week we had to look, you devoted your time to our search. When we finally decided to go new with builders, you were with us from beginning to close (not to mention the considerate follow up afterwards). Your expertise in dealing with builders made the road to closing less painful. Darron kindly referred to you as a "bulldog", when it came to our walkthroughs and making sure everything was just right.

We are especially grateful for the time you stayed behind, late, to talk to the builder's punchman about issues that came up from the independent inspection (recommended by you). Knowing that these types of inspections are not required for new homes, those issues would have gone unnoticed by us had we not paid to have one conducted. Of course, with these issues arising after the final walkthrough, you were able to get them amended on paper to ensure they were taken care of before closing.

Third times a charm: In the process of waiting for the punch items to be completed the day before closing, I remember discovering the small chip smack dab in the middle of our mirror to the grand master bath. You were able to talk the builders into replacing it for us, even though it wasn't an item identified previously with our final walkthrough.

We are glad for your advice throughout the whole process. This was our first time dealing with builders. Our first home was a fixer-upper and we did not want to go that route, again. If it wasn't for your knowledge and persistence in dealing with them, we most likely would have signed before all issues were taken care of with the home, having to deal with more headaches and warranty issues later. Instead, you gave me the foresight to put off closing, until all items were signed off on.

We definitely would refer your services to anyone seeking to buy a home within the Salt Lake area. You are a Realtor who cares more about the people you are serving than pushing homes. We respect that quality in you, among the others we mentioned, and are happy to call you our friend. We are very pleased we were referred to you.

Thanks You Again,
Michelle Williams

To Whom It May Concern,

This is just a letter to inform you of the positive experience we had buying property with Dan Walker. We had been looking to purchase recreational property for some time. Through access of the Internet, we were able to get in contact with him. He made every effort to make sure we were happy. At all times, we knew what was going on with the whole buying process. He has great follow through.

If you are thinking about selling or purchasing real estate, please don't hesitate to give him a call.

Karl and Anne Walker

My good friend Dan,

Thank you so much for all the help you gave Alicia and me in the winter of 2005. I am writing to you to formally give my recommendation of your services to anyone who is considering hiring you for their realty needs.

To all current and future customers of Dan, my name is Andrew Decker. I am a Sergeant in the Utah Army National Guard. I served in Afghanistan from March of 2004 through April of 2005. I hope that my experiences show how deeply committed Dan is to meeting his clients needs and finding them the house of their dreams.

In November of 2004, my wife and I decided we wanted a house of our own. We knew my leave was coming in the beginning of January and we decided we would LOVE to be able to move while I was home so that she didn't have to do it all on her own and we could also enlist the help of my family who came to visit us while I was home (sneaky, huh?). We started looking online at properties that were available and discussed what was essential for us in what we were looking for. We found what we were looking for in a house represented by Dan Walker.

We looked into the property with Dan, and before he would represent both us and the seller he let us know of the conflict of interest and that both the seller and we would have to agree that we were fine with him representing us both. We decided not to go for that house after all but because Dan had been so open with us and so welcoming, we decided to keep him as our agent.

Keep in mind that all of this is while I'm 7000 miles away in a country that is more or less in the 16th century when it comes to technology. Thankfully, the base I was at, all of the soldiers had chipped in to get a contractor to install Internet and get computers to access it.

Dan was so helpful in always being available to talk with me whenever I had a question and when I was feeling uneasy. I never felt like I was being left out of anything that Dan and my wife were doing back home in Salt Lake. Dan always asked if everything was all right with me.

Hooray, Dan and Alicia found a house and I loved it as much as my wife! We started negotiations but unfortunately the sellers removed it from the market because one of them might be losing their job. I was so discouraged. It was now December and I was coming home in a month. I felt like their was no way we would be able to find and close on another house by the time my leave was up. But Dan kept a level head and a cool hand. He kept at it and we persevered.

We found another perfect home not far from the first one and not much more expensive. In fact, I like this home even better than the first one. I truly believe everything happens for a reason. And because of Dan, Alicia and I were able to move into our very first house on January 16, 2005. I was able to spend a whole week in our home before I left to go back to Afghanistan and we found out the the next month that during the first week in our new home, we had conceived a baby girl. Because of Dan we are starting our new family in our new house and have many great memories. Dan, thank you for all your hard work and dedication to us. I can't wait to go to your next gig and hear you play.

Andrew S. Decker
Sergeant, UtahARNG
III/V Platoon

Thanks so much Dan for your help in purchasing my Condo. You have gone out of your way as a Realtor and I was very pleased. You did so much more than any Realtor that I have ever dealt with.
I feel that you had my interest in mind with every step of the process of viewing possible purchases, in the process of getting financing secured, in the process of selecting carpet, colors and fixtures and constantly in contact with me for anything that came up in closing. You are the #1 Realtor in my book. I would recommend you to anyone for being their Realtor. Thanks, Lana


Thank you so much for helping us in the hunt to find our first home. You were such a great resource to us. We truly were thankful for your flexible schedule. With both of us working and going to school that really helped us out. We also appreciated the time you gave us. We were scared to work with a REALTOR® because we heard from friends how pushy they were. We did not feel that from you.

Once again thank you for your kindness and help.

Thank you,
Brandon & Ashley Hardison

Dear Dan,

Emma and I just wanted to thank you for helping us purchase our first home. Buying a home for the first time may be a little scary, but you made it so easy for us. We really appreciate you working around our schedule, thank you for all those times you came over late at night after I got out of school. Also thank you for your honest opinion on everything, it helped us find the perfect home.

My parents are getting ready to look for a home and I will recommend them to you. I would recommend you to anyone, because you work so hard so we don't have to. It made the whole experience easy for us, and my wife was pregnant and you helped take alot of stress off of her.

Thanks again Dan for all your hard work, and thank you for our first house warming gift.

Sincerely your friends for life,

Joe and Emma Mahon

Dear Dan,

It was a pleasure to get acquainted with you. You're easy to talk to and have a sense of humor which we appreciate.
We like your professionalism, and honesty, when you told us something we could count on it. Thanks again for going the extra mile to take care of some of the details for us and saving us the long trip in.

Dan, we will highly recommend you to our friends, relatives as a very knowledgeable, caring and honest REALTOR®.
We hope you will have continued success in the Real Estate business and in all your endeavors. Thanks again for selling the property in Majestic Heights.

Jack and Carol Hone

Dear Dan,

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks for making this difficult decision of selling our home a pleasant experience.

I appreciate you giving me advice and offering your assistance in making sure our home would be appealing to potential buyers.

Your professional expertise in Real Estate is why I was able to sell my home in less than a week. Now I am able to move to sunny St. George and spend time with my grandchildren. I thank you for making this possible.

I hope that you will have continued success in all your endeavors.

Laila Vaifanua

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter to express my overall happiness in regards to the sale of my home. I originally tried selling my home on my own, with little success. Knowing Dan on a personal level I became aware of his dealings in Real Estate and discussed selling my home with him.

I must admit I was very impressed with the initial dealings with Dan. I had an immediate response with a sign in front of my home the very next day with a detailed description sheet on my home. A picture was taken of my home and on the MLS listings within three days.

Dan was in constant contact with me the first couple of weeks to make sure all information about the home was listed correctly and I knew exactly what was going on with the sale of my home. Each time there were clients interested in seeing my home, Dan was sure to call and schedule an appropriate time to stop by. Throughout the process of selling my home Dan was genuinely concerned about my issues and concerns and stayed in communication with me to take care of any issues I had along the way.

I am quiet confident in saying that Dan's dedication and persistence in marketing my home is why the home sold, and in an appropriate time frame from when it was listed. I would highly recommend Dan Walker to anyone looking for a professional, dedicated and caring person to buy or sell a home.



Greg Winn

Dear Dan,

Kelly and I wanted to thank you so much for all you did getting us into a house that is our perfect family home. It felt weird at first, as all new places do, but now it feels more like home than anywhere we have ever lived. (This is the house I know I've been waiting for).

It was a hard road getting to this point and I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate all you did, which is more than any REALTOR® I've ever known. From, what might to some seem like little things but to me were huge, the concern and caring for us not just as clients but as people was unbelievable!

Just to name a few examples:

" Bringing us boxes and packing tape to pack with.
" Taking us to lunch when the first closing didn't go through
" Always trying to look on the bright side, like when we got right down to closing
Again, and the FHA roofer decided the day before to check the roof. It needed to be replaced and you reminded us that even though time was getting short when we needed to be out of our apartment, we were getting a brand new roof. A better roof that would last us at least 15 years.
" You lined up someone you knew and had it was done so quickly that we were amazed.
" Then before we could get over that you got my boys and your chainsaw, while the
Dumpster was still there and picked up tree branches torn from the beautiful trees during the winter storms and cut down one tree that had been split in half.
" You made sure we had the warranty on the house, just in case. (Even though you
Were the agent for both the seller and the buyer)
" And about that you were fair with us and thoughtful of both your clients.
" You fought for us and the seller, when closings were put off and mistakes were made by the lender.
" You even wrote letters for both our Places of Employment, explaining the situation and it helped for managers and supervisors to understand.
" You gave us the key as soon as possible since time was short and we had waited so long. Allowing us more time to move in.
" When we were going through the big ordeal of trying to close and many obstacles
Stood in our way, because of papers not being ready, papers typed incorrectly and then the problem with the roof, you stayed in close contact with me. Calling me every day when necessary to give me updates.
" In everything you did you were accurate, papers to be initialed or signed, you explained everything as we went along so we didn't feel left in the dark and you were honest. Something we had yet to experience and it was a great experience to know that there are still honest people in this world that are out to make a living of course but not to devastate anyone's life in the process just to make themselves rich. It was very refreshing.
" I found you easy to talk to, with your sense of humor and easy going manner.
" Even though I could tell you were getting exasperated, as things progressed and we still hadn't closed, you handled yourself with dignity and professionalism.
" There were a few nights we spent just talking. Talking about music, the neighborhood and your other endeavors. I even remember calling to ask your advice on getting Microsoft Certified for my own job.
" It didn't seem that the selling of this house was just a job or a transaction between two parties. We became friends and Kelly and I really like that.
" There were many nights you came to our apartment because I was not feeling well, to sign papers. I've never had the kind of service and caring you gave us over buying a house and I'm quite sure we came out with the better deal. But even in that you seemed pleased that we were so pleased.
" You truly care and that comes across in everything you do.

I wanted to write this letter sooner but with moving I became very ill, not making it to work some days and I also had three nights a week to take my daughter to social workers, line up a Tudor, and doctor's appointments because of some issues she's been going through.

But Kelly and I wanted you to know how much we appreciate everything you've done for us. It hasn't been a small thing in our lives but a huge growth, learning to trust again and also receiving our dream home. It's working out so well. We love our new house and never want to move again.

Thanks again you can never know how you've changed our lives for the better. If you ever need a reference give them my phone number, because all I have to say is good about you, Dan, our REALTOR® and our friend. (And new friends aren't that easy to come by these days or great REALTOR®'S).


Loving Life,


Kelly F. Lovell, Kara Lee Lovell and the Lovell Clan. (Including Happy our new Golden Labrador Retriever).

Taylorsville, Utah


I just wanted to thank you for assisting me and my wife with the purchase of our lot.
I found you to be very helpful and prompt with your assistance concerning the transaction. I appreciated your insight and advice on the particular transaction that we were involved in. I hope that you find a great deal of success in your career. If there is ever anything that I can do to further help you please let me know.


Jeffery Pike
Axent Funding
Sandy, Utah


Here is a small token of our appreciation for all the help you gave us & for the way you handled the sale of our house from the beginning to the end.

Larry & Mary Heckenliable
Taylorsville, Utah

My husband and I recently purchased our first home with the help of Dan Walker. He was a fountain of information. We gave him details of what we were looking for, and then he researched all his resources to see what he could find that matched our criteria. Dan goes above and beyond. Dan is always willing to answer your questions, and if he does not know the answer he will research until he does. Dan did a lot of late nights with us on getting everything done within the time frames, but also working with our hectic schedules.

We have referred Dan to many of our friends and contacts. We plan on using Dan as our agent when we purchase our second home.

Chris & Michelle Hauck
Sandy, Utah


It sounds like you're doing well. I don't need a REALTOR® at this time, when I do, I'll call you. There is a line in your e-mail about "impeccable service with honesty, integrity and knowledge": I new all of that already. We've known each other for seventeen years now Dan, and it's a plain fact that anything associated with you and your name has been steeped in "impeccable service with honesty, integrity and knowledge".


Carl Stuhff
Sandy, Utah